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LM Bass caught on an Evolution Jig Bass Fishing Factors™ProAnglers.com™ is now Bass Fishing Factors™ the most comprehensive bass fishing site on the Web! This learning center has been a dream of mine for many years. I am excited to be able to bring all this information to my many fans and anglers across the country. The rapid rate at which the thirst for knowledge about bass behavior, techniques, tips and tricks of the pros has increased in recent years it has made compiling a comprehensive teaching and learning website on bass fishing a formidable challenge. Nonetheless, Bass Fishing Factors™ is meeting this challenge.

  • Bass Fishing Factors™ is here to do one thing: bring a new, exciting and easy way to help you find learning  information about bass fishing. Bass Fishing Factors™ articles are for beginners and experienced anglers alike. Bass Fishing Factors™ specializes in bass fishing tips, tactics, articles, videos and techniques proven to catch bass.
  • The tips and techniques on Bass Fishing Factors™ are written by me, professional writers from various magazines, pros, guides, and members from around the world.

As you clock more and more bass-fishing hours you will acquire a knack for choosing the right lure and technique for the right situation. Until then though, continue to visit us here and learn the latest in bass fishing knowledge.
I have brought many features to Bass Fishing Factors™ to help you become a better angler of all levels.

This web site would not have come to reality without a number of individuals. Some of them never knew they were even a part of my development as an elite series pro and 3-time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, but I could never overlook their contributions.
Largemouth bass being released Bass Fishing Factors™Among these is my long time friend and mentor Don Sanzo (since passed). Don taught me in more ways than he would ever know what it really took to be a true professional. Along with this, a special thanks to Art Singer for his friendship and unmatched fishing knowledge. A very special thanks goes out to the “Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation” for their insight and vision as to where I could go and what I could accomplish in this sport with their support.

One last thing to remember is that the real reason why we all enjoy fishing so much is the fun and camaraderie we experience with our friends and family. Some of the best fishing stories have nothing to do with how many fish we caught or what bait or technique we used. They are about the people we were with when we created those memories.

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